Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Pick the top data extraction services for your needs

Data extraction has changed the way companies gather the information that they require. Long gone are the days when company dedicated entire teams to the gathering and organization of data, and instead they have come to use automated web data extraction software solutions. These solutions are faster, cheaper, and produce the result that you want in an easy manner.

How can web data extraction software help you? 
There are virtually unlimited data on the internet, and you can have access to anything as long as it is in the public domain. But finding this information on your own can be one of the biggest challenges you can ever face. Collecting information on something as simple as product descriptions for an eCommerce store can take months and you still might not have complete information. No matter what field or topic, if information about it is available online, web data extraction software will find it.

Typical uses of data extraction service
There are many instances when a web data extraction service is the only sure way to get the amount of data that you require. The quality extraction software can also ensure a high level of quality in this data, and provide you the information that you require at the best prices:
  • Get the latest updates on classified websites in your region or area of interest. You can even have the data extraction customized to collect only emails or phone numbers.
  • Extract all useful information from online directories and yellow pages
  • Get every contact information that can be found on a website in the shortest possible time
  • Keep up with the job market, and get all the latest vacancies as soon as they are updated online.
  • Use the web data extraction software to generate viable business leads for you. Point it in the right direction and let it forward all relevant information to you immediately
  • Keep abreast of all the policy changes for your township, city, or country by monitoring updates on the official websites for the related organizations.
  • Follow updates from key people in your industry by extracting all the updates that they make on their social media profiles.
  • Download entire websites and have them available locally whenever you need them
  • Get web bots that not only index all the websites which you are trying to target, but also help you get access to everything that is stored on them
  • Get business intelligence that it critical to your growth in a timely and highly cost efficient manner. 
There is simply too much that is possible when you make use of web data extraction services. The power that they put at your fingertips is impressive. You get complete control, and can put in highly specific requests. In fact, you can focus your data extraction efforts by websites and get tools that are designed specifically for a website. With options like LinkedIn Scraper, Google Maps Scraper and Facebook scraper available, you will never face any data shortage problems.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Great Advantages of Data Extraction Software – Why a Company Needs it?

Data extraction is being a huge problem for large corporate companies and businesses, which needs to be handled technically and safely. There are many different approaches used for data extraction from web and various tools have designed to solve certain problems.

Moreover, algorithms and advanced techniques were also developed for data extraction. In this array, the Data Extraction Software is widely used to extract information from web as designed.

Data Extraction Software: 

 This is a program specifically designed to collect and organize the information or data from the website or webpage and reformat them.

Uses of Data Extraction Software:

Data extraction software can be used at various levels including social web and enterprise levels.

Enterprise Level: Data extraction techniques at the enterprise level are used as the prime tool to perform analysis of the data in business process re-engineering, business system and in competitive intelligence system.

Social Web Level: This type of web data extraction techniques is widely used for gathering structured data in large amount that are continuously generated by Web.2.0, online social network users and social media.  

To specify other uses of Data Extraction software:
  • It helps in assembling stats for the business plans
  • It helps to gather data from public or government agencies
  • It helps to collect data for legal needs
Does the Data Extraction Software make Your Job Simple? 
The usage of data extraction software has been widely appreciated by many large corporate companies. In this array, here are a few points to favor the usage of the software;
  • Data toolbar consists of web scraping tool to automate the process of web data extraction
  • Point data fields from which the data need to be collected and the tool will do the rest
  • There are no technical skills required to use data tool
  • It is possible to extract a huge number of data records in just a few seconds
Benefits of Data Extraction Software: 
This data extraction software benefits many computer users. Here follows a few remarkable benefits of the software;
  • It can extract detailed data like description, name, price, image and more as defined from a website
  • It is possible to create projects in the extractor and extract required information automatically from the site without the user’s interference
  • The process saves huge effort and time
  • It makes extracting data from several websites easy like online auctions, online stores, real estate portal, business directories, shopping portals and more
  • It makes it possible to export extracted data to various formats like Microsoft Excel, HTML, SQL, XML, Microsoft Access, MySQL and more
  • This will allow processing and analyzing data in any custom format
Who majorly Benefits from Data Extraction Software? 
Any computer user benefit from this data extraction software, however, it is majorly benefiting users like;
  • Business men to collect market figures, real estate data and product pricing data
  • Book lovers to extract information about titles, authors, images, descriptions prices and more
  • Collectors and hobbyists to extract auction and betting information
  • Journalists to extract article and news from new websites
  • Travelers to extract information about holiday places, vacations, prices, images and more
  • Job seekers to extract information about jobs available, employers and more