Thursday, 17 July 2014

Customized Web Data Extraction Solutions for Business

As you begin leading your business on the path to success, competitive analysis forms a major part of your homework. You have already mobilized your efforts in finding the appropriate website data scrapping tool that will help you to collect relevant data from competitive websites and shape them up into useable information. There is however a need to look for a customized approach in your search for Data Extraction tools in order to leverage its benefits in the best possible way.

Off-the-shelf Tools Impede Data Extraction
In the current scenario, Internet Technologies are evolving in abundance. Every organization leverages this development and builds their websites using a different programming language and technology. Off-the-shelf Website Data extraction tools are unable to interpret this difference. They fail to understand the data elements that need to be captured and end up in gathering data without any change in the software source codes.

As a result of this incapability in their technology, off-the-shelf solutions often deliver unclean, incomplete and also inaccurate data. Developers need to contribute a humungous effort in cleaning up and structuring the data to make it useable. However, despite the time-consuming activity, data seldom metamorphoses into the desired information. Also the personnel dealing with the clean-up process needs to have sufficient technical expertise in order to participate in the activities. The endeavor however results in an impediment to the whole process of data extraction leaving you thirsting for the required information to augment business growth.

Understanding how Web Extraction tools work

Web Scrapping tools are designed to extract data from the web automatically. They are usually small pieces of code written using programming languages such as Python, Ruby or PHP depending upon the expertise of the community building it. There are however several single-click models available which tends to make life easier for non-technical personnel.

The biggest challenge faced by a successful web extractor tool is to know how to tackle the right page and the right elements on that page in order to extract the desired information. Consequently, a web extractor needs to be designed to understand the anatomy of a web page in order to accomplish its task successfully. It should be designed to interpret the meaning of HTML elements like , table rows () within those tables, and table data (<td>) cells within those rows in order to extract the exact data. It will also be interfacing with the
element which are blocks of text and know how to extract the desired information from it.

Customized Solutions for your business
Customized Solutions are provided by most Data Scraping experts. These software's help to minimize the cumbersome effort of writing elaborate codes to successfully accomplish the feat of data extraction. They are designed to seamlessly search competitive websites,identify relevant data elements, and extract appropriate data that will be useful for your business. Owing to their focused approach, these tools provide clean and accurate data thereby eliminating the need to waste valuable time and effort in any clean-up effort.

Most customized data extraction tools are also capable of delivering the extracted data in customized formats like XML or CSV. It also stores data in local databases like Microsoft Access, MySQL, or Microsoft SQL.

Customized Data scraping solutions therefore help you take accurate and informed decisions in order to define effective business strategies.

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