Friday, 1 August 2014

How Simple Data Scraping Tools Make Marketing Simpler

Marketing, the art of popularizing or promoting your product and influencing prospective buyers, depends on a foolproof strategy in order to achieve success. The strategy should be defined using accurate knowledge. The accuracy of this knowledge can be authenticated from the credible information sources which are scraped with efficient web data extraction tools to extract the relevant data available on related and competitive sites. In order to leverage the benefits of web data scraping to help you draft an effective marketing strategy, it is recommended that you take a deeper look into its nuances.

The Role of Web Data Extraction in Designing Marketing Strategies

Every business wishes to ensure the maximum visibility of its products within its targeted customer base. Marketing dynamics revolve primarily around this aspect. As product visibility is possible primarily through promotions, therefore, organizations build their marketing strategies around promoting or increasing the awareness of their product or services using the contact details, like email ID, Website URL and so on, of their focused client base.

Client data, such as these, can be easily extracted from the Web using simple data scraping tools. These tools are designed to not only extract or scrape data, but also analyses, categorize and populate excel sheets to help you in using them effectively.

Uses of Data in Marketing

Data is a chief component in drafting marketing strategies. Lack of sufficient amount of accurate data about your competition will render you incapable of understanding how the industry is functioning. Without a proper idea about this crucial aspect, you will land up with unproductive and erroneous marketing plans. Let us take a look at some of the ways in which data scraping tools can help you in extracting correct data.

  • Intelligent Scraping tools are able to help you identify other competitors in your domain. The tools are used in scraping the organic search results by using a specific search term. This also helps you to understand the primary keywords and titles that are being used by others in your industry to design their websites and improve their rankings in search engines.
  • Data extraction tools are also useful in helping you extract a whole host of On-page elements about your competition’s website. The data extracted includes title tags, Meta description tags, Meta keywords tag, Heading tags, backlinks and even Facebook likes. These provide you with crucial inputs on your competitor’s website strategies. Thus providing you with the relevant directions as to how you can chart up your marketing plans. 
  • Email extractors are equally useful data scraping tools that help you to acquire the email information from various sources like web pages, HTML files or even text files. This helps you to build your business contacts for your marketing strategies. 
  • The most useful and productive service provided through extraction tools is that of Data mining. The utility of this service lies in the fact that it helps to transform extracted data into useful information by importing them into human-readable formats namely, MS excel, CSV, or HTML. This also indicates the basic difference between data parsing and data extraction. Where one makes data available for machine interpretation only, the other makes information available for use by the end-user.

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